Bob Hazen was the recipient of the 2016 Roebling Medal, at this years annual meeting of the Geological Society of America Meeting in Denver, CO, USA. This is the highest award of the Mineralogical Society of America, which is given for “scientific eminence as represented primarily by scientific publication of outstanding original research in mineralogy”. Specifically, he is being recognized for his ongoing and exceptional work on the mineralogical evidence for the evolving relationship between the geosphere and biosphere. This work has spanned many years and publications (both articles and books) and is foundational to our project's goals and is supported by the Keck Foundation.

Keck project PI Robert Hazen gave an interactive talk on November 15th at the Broad Branch Road campus of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC. There he, Shaunna Morrison, Chao Liu, and Mike Meyer helped him present on new Keck Project discoveries. The audience was invited to take part in real-time mineralogical analyses, shouting out elements during certian parts of the talk that Chao and Shaunna then used to make various mineral evolution and network figures. 
You can watch it here.

Keck had a big showing at the Deep Carbon Observatory's Third International Meeting in St. Andrews Scotland (March 23-25, 2017). There Bob Hazen, Dan Hummer, Shuanna Morrison, and Ahmed Eleish presented on the latest findings of the Keck Project.